International olive oil award Zurich
gastronomos Magazine
- Issue 72, April 2012
epikouria Magazine
- Issue 14, 2012
Life & Style Magazine
- November 2010
House and Garden Magazine
- 2010
Gastronomos Award 2009

ELAION was presented with the Gastronomos Award, given by the leading Newspaper “Kathimerini”.

epikouria Magazine
- Issue 08, 2009
Guest Magazine
- Issue 01, July 2009
Gastronomos Magazine
- Issue 39, July 2009
Greek by Nature
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Restyle Inc

Restyle Inc. is led by Kozo Matsuo, the most reputable French cuisine chef in Japan. Members enjoy Anti-ageing recipes as well as food related products suggested by Chef Matsuo. “Restyle Inc.” sells Anti aging food supplement which is supervised by Dr. Claude Chauchard, Chairperson of European Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Top Chef Michalis Nourloglou about ELAION

The only Olive Oil that I allow in my kitchen…. It is a rare culinary achievement. The taste does not resemble with those tasteless ‘water-like-olive oils’ as I call them. A tasteful and at the same time delicate and genuine product. I feel very fortunate being able to use only this oil everywhere. One reason to be proud of, a reason to envy us. Congratulations for your work. I do not say congratulations for your zeal because you’ve either got it or you haven’t.