Exclusive gifts

ELAION constantly strives to surprise even the most demanding palettes. We deal exclusively with the production and supply of premium products aimed at those who not only appreciate their exquisite quality but who also seek that special and unique flavour. Almost invariably, these attributes are accompanied by a respect for ones health and good nutrition.

Seeking a wrapping, worthy of its content, we created a very special, hand crafted gift box from solid Hellenic walnut wood which lacks any chemical treatment, varnish or colouring thus leaving the walnut wood in its natural form. Just like ELAION products. Each gift box may be customized for our elite clients; we use individually selected pieces of wood with matching grain. Thus each gift is a unique creation.


The front of the sliding lid is laser-engraved with ancient Greek wisdoms.


Depending on the aspirations of the recipient, other ancient sayings (by Plato, Aristotle, etc.) and of course in any language, can be chosen.

For an even more customised message, your personal wishes can be engraved.

The choice of products for each box is carefully made with consideration of the client and the receiver. Our top choice, are the distinguished product varieties of ELAION, of which ‘ELAION one’ stands out as the supreme item. It is available during each new harvest from the month of November.

Depending on availability, we can also include exquisite honey, finest fir raw honey, with established therapeutic and strong antibacterial properties.

Traditional Hellenic mullet roe wrapped in natural beeswax, 99.5% pure sea salt from sea foam, Hellenic truffles are also some of our other exclusive delicacies.


Finest Fir Honey
This unique Greek honey is collected in the fir forests of Arcadia (Mount Mainalo) in Peloponnese, acknowledged by the European Union as a Protected Designation of Origin product, (PDO).

Its impressive pearl-amber color and its thick silky texture make it unique. It is pure, straight from the hive, thus it offers the highest nutritional value. Its most valuable characteristics are, a pleasant, caramel like taste and the lowest amongst other honeys, glucose content.