Elaion is a Hellenic pioneering company, founded in 2004, with the sole purpose of developing and establishing one of nature’s finest culinary products:

The exceptional, early harvest, Hellenic olive oil.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering outstanding products through the most effective services and ensuring that the final consumer enjoys the finest olive oil. In addition to the choicest olive varieties, continual laboratory and quality assurance tests throughout all stages guarantee the uniqueness of our extra virgin olive oils.

Olives reach their full size in the fall but may not fully ripen until late winter.
Harvesting of olives at an early stage of maturity captures their full, strong taste and fruity flavours whilst the olive oil retains more of its polyphenols, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Early harvest olive oil has far better organoleptic and chemical properties so remains extra virgin for longer period while its content in valuable ingredients declines more gradually.
Green unripe olives have less olive oil and thus the produced olive oil is far more costly.
As such, it is very rare to find early harvest olive oil in a bottle. Instead, it is bought in bulk by the industry and blended with late harvest or even worse, with previous years’ oils in order to improve inferior varieties.

Early harvest olive oil is a quality above all extra virgin olive oils known from ancient greek times as έλαιον (“e lai ón”)


The Acidity of olive oil is a direct measure of its quality and reflects the degree of breakdown of the triacylglycerols to free fatty acids.

Each yearly harvest of ELAION olive oils has an acidity of 0,1% - 0,4%. max.

Highest quality olive oil with low acidity is used mainly uncooked. Most often, it is either used as a dressing on salads or added to food after cooking. At the table, it is either added to soups and stews or simply used for dipping bread.

Cold pressed refers to olive oil which is obtained by mechanical pressing and extraction processes. According to EU regulations, temperatures must be kept under 28ºC during malaxation and extraction.

ELAION ensures constant monitoring with a laser meter during all stages in order for the temperature to be kept at 23-24°C.

100% unfiltered.Filtering the oil may remove up to 5% of its flavor and healthy components. Unfiltered olive oil keeps all the valuable ingredients and aroma.

ELAION uses gravity as a natural filter to give time for the microscopic particles of the olive flesh to settle down.

Exclusive distribution, mainly via the gastronomy market represented by specialists who appreciate quality consistent to the last detail.

ELAION products are also available through gourmet shops either as direct sales to connoisseurs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or as a gift catering service for conferences and other business events.

They can also be found in boutique shops of luxury hotels, on tables of gourmet restaurants, and in super markets with exclusive specialty food sections.

We constantly endeavour to evolve our natural produce and upgrade our level of service thus establish ELAION as the ideal pioneer for a notable and innovative penetration of the culinary market.